Freitag, 23. Juli 2010

I'm back!!

Hi everybody!!

It's been a long time I've been absent from this blog. This is mainly due to some family business I couldn't ignore and some projects I've been working on and that have kept me incredibly busy. I'll post some results as soon as they're ready for publication. In the meantime, you could still get an update on my band's facebook page or on our website

Enough advertising; let's get cracking. I'd like to get started with a rather small detail some of you may know; but it took me quite some time to find out what it's all about: unlinked clip envelopes.

If you double-click on a clip, you'll see its waveform and its properties. With the little "E"-button you an activate the clip's envelopes tab. Here you can select the parameter you wish to modulate with the envelope. But you'll also notice the little button called 'Linked' beneath the heading 'Region/Loop'. This unlinks the envelope from the clip's loop time. In other words, you can now define a separate loop time for the envelope that has nothing to do with the clip's loop time.

You'll also notice that the loop-bars change their colour to orange. That means the envelope's loop is running independently and can be edited without affecting the actual clip's loop settings.

This may be an obvious and absolutely normal step in your work with clips. Nevertheless, it is a feature that is somehow hidden and not so obvious for others. In any case, it expands your creative potential with clips to a significant degree; and for those who didn't know this feature, it's a clear win. It was for me, anyway, when I discovered unlinked envelopes; I had a whole new world of modulation right beneath my fingertips.

I strongly recommend to play around with unlinked envelopes and you'll see that some crazy stuff can be made with them. I hope this post has helped in any way and that I'll be able to post a bit more regularly from now on.

So long,