Dienstag, 23. Februar 2010

Cheers everybody!

Hi Folks!

So, this is my first post in this blog that I've just set up. Even if I'm Swiss and my native language is German, I'm going to keep this in English since I'd like speakers of English to be able to follow (if there will be any in the future).

My intention is to share tips and tricks that I have learned, seen and discovered using Ableton Live and, more interestingly, Max4Live. Ableton Live is a versatile piece of software that sometimes puzzles you by its pure simplicity. The result is that you rarely think of the obvious until you see it in a youtube video, on the Ableton Forums, or in a blog like this. Thus, I will try to collect as many useful tips and tricks as possible, ranging from simple recording and signal routing techniques, instrument sampling tricks, up to techniques to be used in sound design.

As for Max4Live, I am still learning but quickly making progress and beginning to see its potential to turn Ableton Live into a fully modular production environment (and with "modular" I mean modular-synthesizer-ish modular). I will also upload some of the devices I have created for you to test, reverse-engineer and use in your Live sets.

For any of the tips that will be published on this blog applies the following:
If I have found them via a web based source, such as youtube, facebook, twitter, blogs, etc. I will, of course, add a reference to that particular source at the bottom of my posts. I do not intend to plagiarise.

Expect my first post some time during the next week.


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